sábado, 13 de dezembro de 2014

Christmas is Coming!

As much we get closer to Christmas, Auckland city is becoming more beautiful. Decorationd can be found inside buildings and outside on the streets.

Christmas tree, inside the clock tower

Christmas tree made only with bicycles, close to the pier

The city is all decorated even the Sky-tower, take a look:

This last photo I took in a region that I found very beautiful, is close to some bars and you have places where you can lay down and enjoy the view. Only this time, I was going to an event, an open Cinema where the people here hang to watch a Christmas movie "Love Actually".


In the next day, another event, this one was promoted by Coca-Cola. It included the performance of local artists, dance, choreography, music. I went there with Caroline and Daphyne two friends that I made some weeks ago.

There was fireworks at the end. Pure magic. Nice days have been here in Auckland.

Our trip Continues!

See ya!

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