sexta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2015

Friday: Graduation + Scape to Mission Bay + Outside Cinema


What a great day to end up January, well, actually it only ends "tomorrow" 31/01  - it is 2 am now - but still, nice way to end this month.

First, today I have completed Module 4, which is the last stage of the English school - finally! - we had a graduation/celebration at the Engineering building of the university. Same as any others, teacher thanking students, students thanking teachers.. was great, but it was also the end. I have met some interesting people there and hope to keep in touch with most of them, here are some photos:

Entire Module 4

2nd Class

China Brothers, Jacques and Crhitopher

After that I went back home and by the evening I was tired of just use the computer so I went out! Was around 17h and I took the Camera and the bus, stopping for stretch my legs in Mission Bay. Chill out, read chapters of my new book, photos and end up on Starbucks before going to Auckland again.

After that, I walked on Queen Street still with no intention to go back to the apartment, then, just across the street something called my attention. A group of people - I don`t know where they are from - was singing something different and with kids and adults dancing, I made a short video shared here: Street Group Performance , but the cool was that, if wasn't for them I would never looked at the otter attraction next to the Cinema, an Open Cinema! And the movie that was showing (The Blind Side - 2009) is one of my favorites. So it was a good way to spend the rest of the afternoon.. I also took the liberty of making a video of the two famous parts of this film, see here: Part 1 Part 2


Our Trip Continues!

See Ya!

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