domingo, 4 de janeiro de 2015

Chrischurch + Kaikoura

Both of this cities will always be in my memories. Christchurch, largest city in the South Island, was shacked by an earthquake twice (2003/2011) and is in reconstruction, but still beautiful, you can find over the city Giraffes of porcelain painted that were made by the school of art and sold out to raise money for the restoration. Kaikoura has an enormous littoral cost, with huge mountains next to it. There, I was able to see whales for the first time, unbelievable.


ChristChurch Cathedral after the earthquake


You take this boat, which goes really fast and shakes with the waves travelling at 40 miles/h, or something like that. You hold everything, what you eat, fears and desire, goes away from the safety sand, but is all worth it. Dolphins, Albatrosses and of course: Whales!

Can you find an Albatross? Is right there! The biggest bird in NZ, with 3 m range of wings!

This one is easier


Our trip continues

See ya!

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