quinta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2014

Last Fight of the Year

In November of this year I started the Jiu Jitsu here in Auckland, joining the AucklandBJJ academy. My senseis' are Sergei and Stuart.

The classes there are similar to those that I had in Brazil. Also, we have some Judo training and with or without Kimonos, that depends on the day .

Today, was the last fight of the year. I will come back now only at 6/01/2015, and until them... well lats preserve this to the next post.

Final coments, each year, on the last week they give the student and tape to put on his belt. Basicaaally, is to remember how many years they trainded already. Since I started Jiu Jitsu in Brazil, I think they believed that I was ready for my first tape, so with more 3 or 2 I can become a Blue Belt.

That is it for today!

Some of the practice

Student and his masters

Stuart on the left/ Sergei on the right

After all, we all want our name on the wall


Our trips continues!

See ya!   

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