sábado, 13 de setembro de 2014

Who say it that we don`t have football in NZ?!

Hi there! If you are reading this post don't forget to see also the others so you can follow my trip since the beginning!

Just another day when I was cooking  my lunch I met a German guy about my age. His name is Lutwing, we had a small talk and then at night we met again in a club. After that, we've talked a little more in the next day and he said that he was going to play football with his friends at the Park and invited me. So today we went there, first it was only me, him, and other two guys from Germany that he knew. We played a little, then two Chinese guys, I guess, came and join us. After that, one more of his friends came and then three guys from Colombia also joined the game. By the end we had two teams and we spent the entire afternoon playing. That was great actually, because I know that football is not popular here, Rugby is the most popular one (sport), so I thought that I would not play until I got it into Brazil again or something. 


Just before we played the first match a rare event happened, a cloud formation that I once read in another blog that only happens in New Zealand, I registered in photo as you can see here:

The cloud formation it`s like a waterfall, very strange and disappear faster than it appears.


By the night we went out again to the clubs of Auckland, but this time instead Lutwing was with us so I got the chance to practice way more my english which it is one of the purposes of the hole thing!

No more,

Our trip continues!

See ya!

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