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South Island Experience /3

                                                        South Island Experience: DAY 3!

                                                                  (Wellington – Nelson)

On the 3rd day of our trip, we've started early at 6:30 eating breakfast to very soon go to the ferry. This ferry would take us to the South Island. It was a journey of 3h, almost, surrounded by the two coasts and the sky.

Inside the ferry was nice; there were two levels to park the cars. In addition, three other levels to have a meal; see the surroundings from the deck and relax.

When we were approaching the South Island, everybody ran to the 10 floor to see. Amazing view!!

The weather collaborate and the sun was up in the sky. I took almost 130 photos on that crossing, even made 10 videos. - The traditional selfie with everybody too. –

From the place where the ferry stopped, we took the bus and drove to Nelson, a small city, quite nice. 

Then, we went to our back packer hostel, passing by a bay with low tide and one ship that was in the horizon with a huge mountain at the back. A kind of thing that was simple and symbolical for whom that saw it with smart eyes.

Also, on the way, we cross a zone where they make the Wine that is distributed to all wineries of New Zealand. So, it was full of grapes growing side by side.

In the hostel, we made a barbecue Brazilian Style and then slept.


Our trip continues!
See ya!

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