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South Island Experience /6

South Island Experience: DAY 6!

(Franz Josef – Wanaka – Queenstown)

This one, keep in mind, was the best day of my life so far, even with a breakdown at the end.. but I recovered myself, - I will get to that part. -

We left Franz Josef hostel to take one of the most beautiful roads so far. On the way, we made three stops, first for admiring Mt. Cook and Mt. Tasman; The second, a waterfall and the last one for lunch in a valley. All those were incredible; the whole trip is being great. I got the opportunity to have a Skype Christmas with my parents so no difficulties so far. In fact, the opposite, the bests days of my life.

We crossed some places (Haast) that were famous by tragic stories that contrast the beauty of them.

Every side we looked, there were mountains with snow, a huge grass zone on the bottom and a river so blue, following us and sometimes becoming a lake. Outstanding. At the end of the day, I did not count, but I believed I took over 200 photos and made 20 videos at least.

We stopped at one small city before arriving in Queenstown, called Wanaka. There was a huge lake with the mountains at the horizon. We had ice cream, also, played with the dogs.

Gabriel, Anna and Me - Wanaka's lake

However, the best was waiting for me, after turning left in one part of the road I predicted that 
Queenstown was going to appear, and it did it. Wonderful, we stopped for some pictures; my heart was talking to me at that point exactly like in the Alchemist book of Paulo Coelho. I know where my future belongs.

The battery died in the end of the day. Also, one dangerous tough crossed my mind at night but I suppressed it and now I'm OK again. Happiness is the felling of the moment. Especially today.

Our trip continues

See ya!!

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