segunda-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2014

South Island Experience /1

South Island Experience: DAY 1!

(Auckland – Wellington)

On the first day, we had to get up early (6am) to be at the end of Queen Street where everything begins.

With a small bag and my backpack, I entered into the bus followed by Inacio, Artur, Anna and Gabriel, a guy that is from Brazil too.

Together, we all started the South Island Experience; the first stop was a small city on the way to 
Wellington. Actually, each hour we've stopped at one small town for bathroom.

We passed through the Tongariro National Park, where I hope to make a crossing next year, around the mountain. This say it is Mordor's scenario from Lord of The Rings trilogy.
From there, after a few stops we've arrived at Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. We had a brief tour around the city and directly after we went to Mt. Victoria where it is possible to have a 360^ view of the entire city. Beautiful. I took some photos.

Tomorrow, we are going to be here for a full day. So I hope to see new things, go to the National Museum, walk, take the cable car. Let us see.

No more, this will be a 15 days trip around the South Island, so I will bring more posts than ever!
Our trip continues!
See ya!

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  1. Os lugares são lindos . Está sendo bem legal conhecer Nova Zelândia pelo teu blog. Logo pretendemos visitá-la.