sábado, 11 de abril de 2015

I'm Back!

"Just when you think that I was out they pull me right back in!"


Dear readers, I'm sorry that it took this long for me to post again here, but I have not given up on you neither abandoned this mission!

It's just that my classes at the University started and they are great, actually, I'm learning a lot! However, with the routine of studies nothing really relevant came up!

Well, fortunately we have the breaks! Like this one of 2 weeks that I'm having right now, which gave me the opportunity to do new things again!

Today, it started with an morning in Mission Bay. Very relaxing enjoying the sun. But the night! That was the BIG EVENT.

I'm talking about ED SHEERAN Show! Of course!

No right words to describe! He is truly talented, amazing! Each song started sometimes calm others a lot involving and eventually he increases the beat and the speed calling everyone to 'Sing' together! AWESOME.

                                                    See more on the Videos and Photos:

   You can access the Video using the direct link here: Show Jamie Lawson + Ed Sheeran

Details about the VIDEO:

* In the beginning of the video you can see Ed playing his song 'Sing' as a preview.

** There is, after that, the final part of other truly talented artist Jamie Lawson

The next post will come soon! I swear it!




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