quarta-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2014

South Island Experience /4

The South Island Experience: DAY 4

(Motueka - Abel Tasman - West port)

In the 4th day of this trip, we had what I could call a Beach Day in Brazil…

From Motueka, the small city after Nelson where we slept, we went to Abel Tasman National Park, some people took the Kayak tour, other made a track and for me (Inacio, Artur and Bia) we stayed at the beach swimming with the fishes; talking while enjoying the sun.

From there, we took the bus and made 2 stops, the first on a café and the second one close to a river surrounding by mountains. By the way, we are getting closer from the huge mountains on the horizon.

We stopped at West Port hostel – the best one until now – relaxing from the exhausting day on the beach. Is a sensation that does not changes, if you go to the beach for a almost full day, you will feel it too.

At night, we reunite for our selfie of the day and talked for a while, now it is sleep for the next day!

Our trip continues!

See ya!

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