domingo, 15 de março de 2015

Cyclone Pam 15/03 - 16/03

Well, it isn't all day you can relate a close experience with the forces of nature, such as a cyclone!
In the last few days the role city of Auckland, as well as North Island, became in alert for the Cyclone Pam that was coming from the north. All the hopes was that we would not be on the 'direct hit' but it is scary enough to see such thing coming close to you. More than enough as you can see under:

Short video here:

The NZHerald, a local news, started to make an report over this situation and they pretty much cover it all up, since the very beginning and so far. It's possible to check it out here:

So far it is 10:30 pm right now, the cyclone has already begun his critical period between 9pm to 9am where he will be extremely close to North Island and, with hope, will change it's course to go East and then disappear. By now, is raining, not heavy yet, windy, not so strong yet, but cold! So cold that the windows of the apartment has steam on it, due to the hit inside and the differences in temperature.

As I will go to sleep now, and probably wake up in the middle of the night to verify if something changes we must sure keep on eye on it. there is a link to follow the cyclone in real time!! Right here:

One thing that I found important to report: New Zealand always resumed to organization and this is not a different case! Since two weeks ago the preparations for such possible 'catastrophe' has started. Then, cover news, like NzHerald, started to warn the population, even websites and app for a real chaos scenario and rescue or other useful advices was made especially for this occasion, with so much time before it happens! Amazing. Really, New Zealand not only in this aspect but also so much others should be a true inspiration to Brazil. 

sábado, 7 de março de 2015

Skin of Fire: Group F!!

Last Friday (06/03) happened an event on Auckland Domain, where is located the Memorial War Museum, promoted by the Group F, called Skin of Fire. I had heard about them some months before, they would present 3 days straight doing performances us using fireworks, lighting suits and lots of visuals effects, and apart for being a short presentation, only 1 hour, it was magical! Check it out:


After the initial presentation they started another one that made an apology to the war, first, just using lights projected on the Museum, a red curtain opened and showed to the public a War scenario while those guys wearing lamps ran into it. This part of the show, together with the music and synchronization remembered me of the shows of Roger Waters - The Wall, the atmosphere was very much a like!

Here they shot the Museum down! First the shots were building the museum and them destroyed it
 When this war part ended something like snake's skin appeared and them, from nowhere this guy showed up at the top of the museum, then, the scenario changed to a Space Odyssey kind of thing and for more surprising stuff some of them starting to float in the air!

How crazy is that!?

The last performance involved what appeared to be an wild environment and the man facing nature



Our trip continues!

See ya!