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Countdown Market and The Lost Boy George

Hi there! If you are reading this post don't forget to see also the others so you can follow my trip since the beginning!

Today was different that any other day before. I've started with some shopping at the Countdown market. There they have a variety of products, including fruits that are a lot more expansive than in Brazil. It was quite difficult to bring back to YMCA - where I`m standing - all the things that I bought, (1) because it`s far from here and (2) because it was heavy and I don`t have any car.
I saw something interesting over there, at Countdown market. After you make your basket you don`t need to go on a place to pay, or wait forever in line, there is actually a machine where you can make yourself everything and pay on credit card or cash. I find this way much more easier and faster. This shows me again about the education that they have here, not only in the market but in bus stations, parkings, trains, and others things works by the trust on people.

-------------------------------------------------- The lost boy George ----------------------------------------------

After lunch, around 15:30 we met our friend Ewerton at the Countdown Market - a different one - and with us was too Thiago, a friend that had some troubles with his Visa Passport and only could arrive here -in NZ - today (he was supposed to came before, like us).
We walked a huge distance until we got into the Domain Park entrance, and with a 20 minutes walk through the forest we came up on the War Memorial Museum, a monumental symbolic structure with an outstanding view of Auckland and also surrounded by a very large landscape. There are actually great walks you can do there including the "Lovers' Walk". Unfortunately we didn't get there on time.. the museum closes around 17 o'clock - there will be sooner a special post just about that place, once we got really inside.

On our way back to the city, my roommate Tatiana found this lost boy called George. He was about 5 years old, and just by remembering the scene right now I am ashamed to admit that I didn't pay much attention to him until I knew that he was lost. George was standing close to his nanny car - which when I passed first at him I supposed that had someone inside - crying. We started to spoke with him, asking for information: Where did he go before he gets lost?; His name and age; Who was with him?; How the person who was with him looks like? Everything that would allow us to help him. By that time, me and Ewerton started to look around to see if there was someone that appears to be looking for the kid, however with no results.
Tati was very supporting making him feel a little better just talking about other stuff. Trying to make him not overthink in the situation. Artur and Inacio alert the security of the museum about the boy and from there everything escalated.

After some time - 10 minutes or more - we saw that no one's was coming, and a motorcycled security was running close to us. I ran into him and explained the situation. They quickly started a search around the Domain Park and alerted the police about the case. Some people came and told us that they have found or pass by his nanny, his brother - 8 years - and sister - 3 years - that were already on the way. Sooner a police man came and tried to speak with the boy - all this time there was also an helicopter surrounding us that we discover later it was being used to help the police find the nanny -. After another 10 minutes George was delivery to his brother and sister with their nanny that was not so happy and didn't show any kind of despair, but angry instead. When his older brother gave him a hug I became very happy to see the difference that, together, we made in George's life.

In a short sad memory I compare what happened today with Brazil where lost boys are much more common and sometimes can't count with all this resources.

Our trip continues!

See ya!

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