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South Island Experience /5

The South Island Experience: DAY 5

(West port – Franz Josef)

In the 5th day of this trip, we started waking up a little bit more lately, around 7:30am, and started the routine of taking the tour bus to go on.

Our first stop was the Pancake Rocks, 45 min away from the hostel. There we made a small track surrounding an area with excellent points of view of the cost and the rocks. In this place, we were able to see Dolphins swimming together.

From there, we stopped in a small city for lunch, and my lunch was as small as the city, I started to feel hungry only 1 hour later. That cost me a little bit, I`m going to explain why.

After we arrived the Franz Josef town, we immediately went to the Glacier. I payed for the tour walk that took us from the track up to really close to the glacier. The Ice Cascade. It was amazing, in fact, the place is outstanding, we got a lot of information from our guide. I took almost 100 pictures of that place and made 10 videos, just to have an idea. Unfortunately, at the end, I was exhausted, hungry, and with insulation. So, back in the hostel I had to stay lying down for a while and drinking water to hydrate.

I am updating my channel on YouTube too. Take a look!!


Our trip continues!

See ya!

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