quinta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2014


Today was my Graduation from Module 3! Not only mine actually, everyone from Module 1 to 4 was graduating today, we will go directly to University or to the next Module.

Every class were called to the front of the stage. The teacher gave the class and the audience a speech about how it was teaching their students. After, one student from each class was selected to give a brief speech about their classmates and the teacher

In my class, our teacher has a Tradition. The student with the highest score in the Oral Presentation need to make the speech. And it was me!

Kelly spoke wise worlds, letting us with the final message: "Stay hungry." or "Fia Ai" in Samoa language (He is from Samoa).

So, in my speech, I thanked my teacher, class and audience for the semester. Also, said something in Chinese, because most of the people there came from China. After, I invited everyone to give our teacher a hug.

The Ceremony is really nice and gave us the opportunity to see how many people were working our passing trough the same as us.

My friends from Brazil

Teacher; Kelly Filo

Pizza and Refresh at the end. A lot of photos, and next week the Module 4 start!


Our trip continues,

See ya!

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