domingo, 7 de setembro de 2014

Like a tourist

Hi there! If you are reading this post don't forget to see also the others so you can follow my trip since the beginning!

---------------------------------- Skytower and Mission Bay (also, first bus ride) ------------------------------

Today was my second day here in Auckland, I woke up at 7 o`clock to eat my breakfast and as scheduled earlier, went to Skytower to have a nice view of the city. Close to 320 meters high and with a panoramic view of 360º, Skytower was not a disappointment. I took some nice pictures and also we (me and my friend Inacio from Belo Horizonte) get lucky to see a "basejumper" - there are people who jumps from this place! - one of the attractions of the Skytower. I would say, you are not an human if you don't feel a little scare of height there. Down on the 1th floor you have a gift shop where you can buy lots of stuff, and I didn't miss the opportunity to buy a t-shirt of New Zealand. Outside the building you have Skycity, a place with the nicest hotels in the city and also a Cassino.

Later on, we went back into the hostel just to rest for a moment and then go out to lunch. A sushi bar close to our street were I had a nice chicken and rice.

I came back again to the hotel, rested a little, and followed by some of the Brasileiros that we have met last night, all together, took a bus to go to a nice beach close to the city.

- A little break to talk about the bus. Like in other places you can buy a card and also get discount if you were a student, but here you pay different prices depending on your destination. In the bus, since we were a 'gang' we called to much attention. Actually, a girl named Stephanie after hearing us talking in Portuguese came to say 'Hi' and told us some good information about the place she lives, that was close to the beach we were heading. -

So, we spent together some time there, to know each other. Played football, a lot of pictures, which I believe most I will never see - I don't know - but there are some few that I've took and gonna show here. When it got too cold (and it didn't take long here) we came back.

Now, probably I will rest more and then go out to see what else this city reserves for me.

Our trip continues!

See ya!

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