sábado, 4 de outubro de 2014

Moving Day!

Therefore, today was our moving day. As I have said, I came to New Zealand followed by other three that now are my friends here, Inacio, Tatiana (Tati) and Artur. In addition, a few days later Thiago arrived and became a friend as well.

We all were at the YMCA Hostel, but in different apartments, and we found a new one, cheaper, where we moved today! 

The Hostel that I have been stayed

My window was the one above the black arrow

On our way to the new place, it started to rain strong, “cats and dogs”, not only once, but five times! When we decided to go out, to move our bags, to have lunch, to enter in the new building, to go out to buy stuff for the apartment and to go back, in each one of these moments it was sunny day and then raining.


Just by upfront there was a lot of contracts to sign and the worst part is that I have to give NZD $ 800,00 for insurance purposes, which I will only see the day that I check-out. Moreover, I had to pay two weeks of rent in advance. Bye, bye money.

The apartment wasn`t clean. Every room had a little work to do. However, that was warned, because we should be here on Monday and we came on Saturday. There will be a person weekly who will clean for us. With everything installed, it was time to make some deals between friends. Actually, we decided earlier by luck - removing card from the deck - and me and Artur, we had to split the room for the first month...

Now is 2 am and I just came back from a Birthday Party, very good one by the way, full with Brazilians and others from different countries. The Birthday girl was Gaúcha, as also others in there. I drank 'Chimarrão' for the second time that day! Since I`m also Gaúcho, it was a relive see that maybe I can keep the tradition here!

In the YMCA Hostel, got this one with a guy from Argentina
 called Emilio


Our trip continues!

See ya!

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