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The Northlands of NZ: Day 2


  Amazing 3 days of incredible places


26 October of 2014, Sunday.

In the next day we woke up early, had breakfast and around 8:00am we left the hostel and took a bus ride on our way to Cape Reinga.

The first stop was a beautiful bay where we took some photos and ate strawberries - huge ones by the way. 

After, we went to the dunes of 90 Mile Beach just stopping before for an ice cream.

The Dunes, once there, were gigantic! I took the risk and climbed it with my camera to take some photos from the top where you have a great view of the beach. I recorded also two short videos, but forgot to tell someone to tape my way down. I let my camera with a expert guy to go down with her because we had to make our way down by sand boarding! I did it 3x, because one get really tired climbing those dunes, but it worth it! Totally!

The Dune from the bottom




One of the views from the top

Top of the Dune, and also, our way down!
Moving away from the dunes we went to Cape Reinga Lighthouse, but before, we stopped in a beautiful beach called Taputaputa to have a lunch. Amazing view. Those moments made me glad to have my new camera.- Check out a video of the place here:

After lunch, no more stops! Directly to Cape Reinga Lighthouse. That place - truly - is indescribable! Seriously, no words or photos together can substitute the sensation of being there!

The sky meting the ocean in the horizon

Outstanding coast and landscape view

The pacific ocean and Tasmania ocean together

The lighthouse

Where the two oceans flow together.

Unfortunately, we could only stay 1h there, so next year or perhaps this one still I will definitely go back! To be honest, each place that I went today deserves one FULL-day of visitation. So much to see and enjoy!

By the evening, we went back driving by the coast of 90 Mile Beach: Where you also have 'A Hole in the Rock'

At the hostel we reunite to make a BBQ and enjoy the time we had left, lot of jokes, laugh and everything just knowing each other. The people you met on those trips are really fantastic! 

After 1am, time to sleep and prepare for the final day.

Our trip continues!

See ya!

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