terça-feira, 9 de setembro de 2014

Mt. Eden and Cassete 9

Hi, there! If you are reading this post don't forget to see also the others so you can follow my trip since the beginning!

-------------------------------------------------- MT. EDEN ------------------------------------------------------

Today was one of those days that you can't imagine what you're going to see, you can try, but never really will get close to what was reserved. As I spoke before, we have had already met some students that, like us, came from Brazil. One of those, called Ewerton, invited us to see Mount Eden today, a volcano that is inactive but still an awesome place to visit with an outstanding view!

See a little for yourselves:

From the top, besides the huge hole of the Volcano you can get a 360° view of Auckland, including the suburbs and Skytower of coarse. Easy to go, easy to enjoy, don`t need to pay (except the bus ride). Nice touristic attraction.

--------------------------------------------------- CASSETE 9`S ---------------------------------------------------

Cassete Nine is a bar located close to Queen Street where you can enjoy a good time with your friends - the only thing you need to bring is your passport and money - and you don`t have to pay to come in.
Every Tuesday, like today, they have an especial program where for each drink and food you buy, you get a ticket with a number. Close to 22:30 they make a draw that if you get lucky to be chosen you have to run to the stage in 5 sec and choose a prize, and if you don`t get in 5 sec then you just lost a huge opportunity because those prizes includes Bungee Jumping, Skydiving, Trips and more. When all the prizes are taken they clean - remove - some tables and a DJ starts to play music for the dancers. So, I'm thinking about making this a fix thing. Every Tuesday go there. Who knows? Next time could be my turn!

So, that was for today!

Our trip continues!

See ya!

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