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Devonport: Mount Victoria and Cheltenham Beach + Fire Alarm!!

Today (08/10) was an unusual day that started like any other else. Woke up. Breakfast. Go to english school. Learn something new. Go back home. Lunch.

Then, I got the entire afternoon for my self. First, I wasted it watching series, but then I get out with my friend Inacio to see something about our phones.

When we finished, I suggested to walk on Queenstreet and try do something. - actually I was trying to catch a person on the way, which didn't happen. - After that, I got the idea to take a ferry and go to Devonport, because I remembered that once a brasilian girl said that it was beautiful over there. - From the second post. - Anyway, so we took the ferry and went to Devonport.

Ferry that took us and Auckland in the Back
She was right after all. It was a quiet and beautiful place. Nice neighborhood, houses with prestigious view of Central Auckland and the bay.

We took an advice from the old man that sold our tickets. He said to us to go Mt. Victoria and enjoy the view and that was our first stop.

The Mt. Victoria remembered me of Mt. Eden. It is also a volcano with no activity but unlike Mt Eden, Victoria doesn't have a gigantic hole. However, you can have a full 360 degrees view of the surroundings: Auckland Central, Volcanoes, Mission Bay and everything else.

So I took some pictures of the way up and once there too. As you can see here:

From there, we came down and went to a close beach called Cheltenham Beach where you can have a closer look to another volcano.

After that, we went back to the apartment, the ferry travel only took 15 min and it's not expansive at all to do it, so maybe I will come back there more a few times.

------------------------------------------- Fire Alarm

By the and of the day, when we were cooking our dinner, I was making burgers and all the smoke that came from the meat started the fire alarm in our apartment!! Me and Thiago had a quickly response. He moving the pan to the window and me calling the reception, otherwise, maybe, the alarm could have activated the water system, that could be seriously terrible for me.


Our trip continues,

See ya!

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