domingo, 16 de novembro de 2014

Weekly Things

Sometimes we have to show appreciated for routine things too. Otherwise, everything that are not trips will sound not interesting. So here are some of my favorites Weekly Things:

*As long as a keep my stay here in Auckland more of those things will be showed. Some of them already happened once, but I will wait until I do more often. 

Our Thursdays football. Every Thursday, and now Mondays too student from the ELA get together to play football at the Eden Park. Sometimes is a mess and sometimes turns out as a great game. On Mondays we play Asia vs South America!

Those 3 are my group friends at the ELA. In my second class we are always together to prepare presentation and stuff.

Sometimes I'm invited for friends at the ELA to do stuff together. In this case, They are showing me one tipical Chinese plate called: Hot Spot. You put a pan in the center of the table and boil the water inside, then, trow t=the food so it can cook. It's very nice form to eat in group, because everyone is around the table, makes easier to have a conversation.

This mess you are seeing above is what happens when we have a fire emergency at school! First we thought it was some kind of exercise, but then, when the fireman's came was pretty obvious that it was not such thing.


The photos above came from the Show of Lights - Art in the Dark exposition that happened here in Auckland. The exposition was sometimes abstract but had some things interesting as well. Also, it was in a part of the city tat I'm glad to discovered. Fill with bars and pub's the Ponsoby Rd reduces the dependence of Queen Street at night.

AND FINALLY! YES! THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING! And also, the decorations. In fact I'm curious about how Auckland looks like at Christmas and New Years Eve, but unfortunately or not, is not going to be this year that I will discover.. but let's leave this for the fututre now..


Our trip continues!

See ya!

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