sábado, 11 de outubro de 2014

One Tree Hill

Today, I was invited by my friends of the English School to go with them to the One Tree Hill Domain, it`s a Park - the biggest that I have been here - with great areas to relax in the shadows of the trees and also, with some sheep too -Nevertheless, this is still NZ.

To go there, first, we met in front of the school and then took the bus. Just by 30 min or less away from Auckland Central is the suburb area - in any direction that you go is like this - and it is beautiful with nice neighborhood.

Almost all of the people that was there came from China, and there was me, from Brazil, and other two from Japan. So I took the opportunity to learn a little about their culture. Simple things like: say Hello that it is something like: Nihaw! Or count from 1 to 10 using my hand. - In the bus, I met a woman there is from New Zealand but went to a exchange for 11 months in Brazil, SP. Her control of the Portuguese language was incredible. -

Actually, number seven they said that was more like the gesture that Italians do
and ten it`s like cross fingers or closing the hand in a fist.
As I said, you can apreciate the park and also walk close to lots of sheep over there. I took some photos too.

To go to the park, since we were 10 or more people, we split and the girls took the car and us got there by bus then walk to a place where everyone started to make lunch. Jacques was the cooker and he did a great job, everyone got full.

Then, it was time to relax and enjoy the shadows provided by the trees, we united in a circle and played two games. The first one was a little bit similar to "Assassin" in Brazil, where everyone need to close their eyes then the assassin kill someone and everybody need to find out who it is after, I told that we play in a different way when the killer kill winkling. The second game is something called: "Sang-hu-kill" the literal translation is 3 Countries Kill. Hard to understand I admit.

To close the day, I climbed the One Tree Hill, and get on the top to see with a 360 degrees view of Auckland and more.

By the end I got back to the apartment, sleep all the afternoon and at night eat some New York original pizza with my friends from Brazil.


Our trip continues!

See ya!

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