quarta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2014

Take a Break!

Today was one of those days where you simply can't stay at home. With the sun rise at it fullest, your body, mind and heart say that you must go out! So, after the school, I went!

My first stop was a small area with grass and trees where something that at first seemed bizarre turned in something very nice. In one of the gates of this garden was a group of Koreans - I guess - with flowers and animals masks, one of them was carrying a guitar. And in the extreme opposite of the garden was a group of girls sitting together. For my surprised when I stayed to see the scene, those boys went to the girls and start to sing a song - Hero/Enrique Iglesias - and bringing flowers to the them. Something kind of romantic and also, very beautiful to see in what could have been a rush day for other.

Speaking of beauty, that was a good day to that word, or a good word to describe this day!

After I crossed the garden, I went to the Albert Park that is located in front of the university. A lot of students were there, just relaxing, a habit that is not common between my circles in Brazil. So I took their example and chose a small tree to lay down underneath - a gorgeous tree - where I spent almost 2 hours enjoying the environment, Auckland, the people and also reading the book that I brought with me in this travel - O Alquimista/Paulo Coelho.

Then, it was almost about time to sunset. So I went back into the apartment and picked up my Camera (Canon SX700HS) that I bought on Saturday - that is right, better photos now for the blog! - and  made my way to Skytower. With an outstanding view of Auckland and of course, the sunset, I took some photos and made a video of this amazing event. Test a few resources/components of my Camera and the result was magical! - you can check the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjtrdYfeZ0g

Those red marks are result of the reflect of the sun in the glass window.

It was a very nice day, one of the bests until now, learn too much in a couple of hours, all that because of a break!


Our trip continues!

See ya!

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