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2Day-Trip: Coromandel Peninsula

#DAY 2

On the second day, I woke up really early, 6:30am, because wasn't used to sleep in a sleep bag I believe. After everybody also wake up, we had breakfast, got our stuff back in the car and before 11am we were on our way to the most-expected beach of the trip, yes, I'm talking about her, Cathedral Cove, I was there again! With my Camera this time! Narnia waited and I crossed that portal again!

Arriving the small city there we had lunch and Laura, Tia, Thiago and Helena opted for making a track going from Hahei Beach - which is also beautiful - to go to Coromandel. But for me, it was too hot, too much sun, so I decided to wait and take a bus and meet them at the half of the trajectory.

We already had lost an spot in the parking anyway. After a track of 45 min, stopping only to visit a small bay where people dive to see different types of fish called Grennstone Bay, we arrived at Cathedral Cove. Some differences from the first time I went:

> I had a Camera now
> More people (previously was only our group/today was full of tourist)
> Arrived early and spent more time
> Hot day, perfect to dive in the water, which I did, even jumping from a stone.

With no more to say, here are the Photos and Videos of this amazing place:

Hahei Beach

Cathedral Cove from the stop, First spot of the track.

Tia, Helena in order

There is no better place to rest, than a bench with good view.
After Cathedral Cove we just spotted the Hot Pools Beach and went back to Auckland. I like trips like that, they are short and by this intense, but not in a bad way, in fact, the opposite, satisfactory!


Surprised I became when after finishing this post, looking outside the window I got amazed by the gigantic orange/yellow moon in the sky, lightening the city, and the War memorial Museum all in lights too. Domain park must be great place to be right now. Check it out!

How about that!


Our Trip Continues!

See Ya!

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