domingo, 15 de fevereiro de 2015

With Family #1

What a Family could do, or better, what a Family can't do?!

It has been 5 months here in NZ and I never imagined such a surprise. My father and my brother fled all the way from Brazil to Auckland NZ just to see me! Today is the 5 day since they arrived and I have been taken then to all the best places that I know, just to show them how is the life around here. The result: they are liking NZ and are less worried, family is the most important thing ins this world, make sure of that.

Without explaining day by day, here are our best moments together so far:


AUCKLAND (Memorial War Museum)

(and Botanic Gardens..)




(Pure magic!)

Must go, must do trip

You first enter the cave, they tell the history of the place, like: It was discovered by a Maori and a English then it was really explored recently to become a touristic point. Inside you have 3 main parts: The entrance 6 meters hole, The Cathedral and the Boat where you can see thousand and thousands of Glowworms lighting the ceiling of the cave, amazing beautiful, it looks like the galaxy.

Unfortunately they don't allow us to take photos inside. So, only the people who visit this place can truly understand how it is.



Our Trip Continues!

See ya!

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