quinta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2015

With Family #3


Those were the last two days with my Brother and Father here in Auckland, and we end up in great style!

First, after breakfast, my brother wanted to jump from the city icon, SkyTower. We met at a coffee close to the building and without struggling or anything he agreed with the terms, once inside, we (me and my father) were guided to a platform with a target which my brother, from 192 m high will fall into! There we waited, and fast enough he came, from the sky, screaming of course.. I pretend to do the same jump at the end of my stay here, as an appropriate goodbye to Auckland, what do you think?!

After that, we had lunch at one of the famous pizzerias here, Sal`s, located on Queen St. you also find one in K Road, they made NZ stylish pizzas, tasteful. 

Once we finished lunch, we went back to the Hotel just to rest a little and after 14:30 it was time for the second part of the day. Waiheke Island!

Waiheke is famous by its Wineries, to get there you need to enter a ferry boat and it takes 45 min to reach the island departing from Auckland. There, you take a bus to the Wineries that take others 20 min. Everything for an Adult cost 45 $. On the way, you are contemplated by numerous of beaches perfect to spend a day.

We decided to visit the Stonerigde Vineyard. A calm, restful place where you can taste Wines which the grapes are cultivated in the island and later used to produce the Wine. See the photos below:

In the end of the day, I made dinner for them in my place, we went back to the hotel which was closer to take a bus in the morning

On the next day, we woke up early, packed everything, ate breakfast on Hollywood cafe close to Britonmart and waited for the bus which took us to the International Airport. Time to say good bye, but not before I have learned with my brother how to solve the Rubik's cube!

15h, time to go to the plane, we told our good byes, see you two again in November! Thanks for everything, from the surprise and cry to the love and smile. I will come back soon.


Our Trip Continues!

See Ya!

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