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2Day-Trip: Coromandel Peninsula

#DAY 1

To try to do something different, which is one of my purposes here in New Zealand, together with trying to escape the 'comfort zone' I accepted an invite from a friend (Laura) to go with her and this group on a 2Day-Trip around the Coromandel Peninsula. An area which is protected by the government of New Zealand as a Kiwi Preservation Location and also attracts lots of tourists every summer because of the amazing beautiful beaches.

Around 12am of Friday, me, Laura, Thiago, Helena and Tia (Paulinha) - all from the CSF - departed from Empire Apartments and took the road. Our first stop, a camping area in Coromandel city, actually 10 km away from it. - The road with those guys was really fun and always had an soundtrack! -

We arrived the camping around 3pm, found our location and started to plan the day. First, a look around in the Coromandel city, small for the number of people expected that time of the year, but well organized with cafes, supermarket etc.

From there, we went for the first beach of the trip, called New Chums Beach, something interesting about this beach is that it was voted to be one of the Top 10 Beaches of the world to rest. Who would say?! Well, we made this small track to get there and it really revenge the fame, New Chums is peaceful, almost isolated, beautiful, see some photos and videos below:

We spent some time there, having fun, relaxing and telling stories. After that, it was time to go back to the camping area, set up our 'houses' and make dinner. The back was faster than going there.

It has been some time since I didn't camp, so I was confused about building the tend, but with a little help, all was good!

Sleeping wasn't the problem. A little cold sometimes, animals around - including a legless duck -.

For dinner, unexpectedly the Camp (place) did not had pans/plates/forks/knifes so we had to change the original plan too cook sausages and chicken. All in all, good start!


Our Trip Continues!

See ya!

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