sábado, 28 de fevereiro de 2015

Future Sound System

This Friday was the Future Sound System festival here in Auckland, some of my friends of the CSF went too, I was with Gabriel who I met in the South Island EX. We took a train to go to the Stadium, approx 40 min away from Central Auckland

Three main DJ's played that night:




They all were amazing talented, even with a slip by Afrojack in some part of the event.

Being in a stadium, it was well organized with a fence separating the area with the bars from the area where people dance and everything, you could not cross this zones with drinks in your hand, different from most shows in Brazil.

Another difference was the time, while in Brazil this show probably would start at 00h (the main DJ's) here they begun to perform at 19h!! and everything ended at 23h! Really soon.

                                                   Here is my video of the best moments!

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