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First REAL Trip (Rotorua + Taupo & Coromandel) part 2




7 am and everyone woke up. The previous night I almost couldn't sleep because all I was thinking it was just this: The 47 meters Taupo`s Bungee Jumping. The highest jump of New Zealand - or just North Island where you can touch the water - And what a water! The river… so clean and blue… you will see.
On our way to the Bungee we made only two stops, the first one, a sight view place. Since it was a bright morning we could see all that we were not able when it was raining. And it was a quite view: the city; the gigantic Taupo`s Lake, and just far away from there, the mountains covered with ice. I regretted not having bought a Camera that I saw in the store just before we went on this trip. But I tried my best as you can see in this photos:

Photo by: Gabriel Nassif [Chosen]

Photo by: Gabriel Nassif [Chosen]

Photo by: Gabriel Nassif [Chosen]

Photo by: Gabriel Nassif [Chosen]
Then… it was the time. Now or never, jumping for the very first time on Bungee. All my body was nervous and I even got into the place yet!
After 10 min driving we've got back in Taupo's Bungee. I went into the reception, they measured my weight, gave me some previous instructions and sent me to the platform. I was the second of the group to jump. Everyone was jumping for the first time, I believe, and we were 8 people.

In the platform, they adjust the equipment and I was ready to go, my friend Artur had already jumped. I walked through the point where you jump and looked down. Like this:

On that point I almost (ALMOST) give up.
And when you finally get the courage or just give up of trying not to have fear, because you do, you jump. In like 3 or 4 seconds you get the most speed ever!! And the river is approaching! More and more, you are about to touch it, and suddenly something just pull yourself back and you start a pendulum movement, that for me was the very best park. Lots and lots of screaming as you realize what you just did and also, that you are alive. 

"Every cell of my body was screaming: DON`T DO THIS!"

"I`m gonna slap the water!!"

--------------------------------- OUR TRIP CONTINUES IN THE NEXT PART -----------------------------

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