sábado, 1 de novembro de 2014


This story is going to be brief. I'm going to talk about Halloween night in Auckland!

Differently that it is in Brazil, here in New Zealand people actually celebrate Halloween trowing parties and dressing themselves with costumes and going on the streets. For some, it starts early at school!

But the real stuff only starts after 21 h (9 p.m), when we get out on the streets was costumes everywhere, of everything. Superheroes, villains, beer, pokemons, animals, princess, zombies! Crazy world outside. And every corner of Queen Street had a party, doesn't matter if was in a house or a club.

Stopping at the Burguer King I took some photos of a group of people wearing costumes. But do not fool yourself, they could be found even in One Tree Hill park in the next day.

Jack Sparrow entertaining kinds at One Tree Hill Domain:

Obviously, we that came from Brasil got very excited, so in the next day we had trowed a party in Albany, and myself, I dressed a Hot-Dog costume, because the point of Halloween is not only to be scary, but also have fun! 

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