domingo, 9 de novembro de 2014

One Stop in Piha ( + Karekare/Waterfall)

Sunday, because most of the good trips happen on Sunday.

Today me, Inacio, Artur, Thiago and Armando together with our friends from Brazil went to Piha a beach that is west from Auckland, only 50 Km.

We rented a car, with GPS, and got on the Road. Some sound on the AUX and friends to talk, I could realize from there, it will be good. But was more than that.

Our first stop was Karekare beach. Differently from most beaches that I went on Brazil, the sand was black and extremely hot! I burned my feet at least 3 times.

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Next, and close Karekare beach we visited one famous waterfall that is no more than 20 min. walking from the beach.

At least, but not (never) less important we went to Piha, an amazing beach with the characteristics that you expect in New Zealand, we stayed there until the sunset, enough time to give some walks, go up, take photos and swim.

Now, can you imagine how it was this gigantic ball diving on water?

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Our trip continues!

See ya!

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