sábado, 30 de maio de 2015

Cape Reinga, final Video!

Hands down, the best place I've visited so far!

Maybe was the short time that I spent there...
Maybe was the incredible weather of the trip...
Maybe was the sun on my skin and the wind on my face...

But Cape Reinga, with no question is the destiny that I best describe to those who ask and strongly recommend to friends.

The energy of the lighthouse's spot is indescribable! The meeting of the Tasman Sea with the Pacific Ocean; The miles and miles of blue water, added to the greenest landscape make anyone speechless!

All you want to do there is enjoy the sun in your spot and hear the waves down on your feet.
At night must be another spectacle (that I intent to see)

So far, enjoy the new Video: in Cape Reinga at the sound of 'Sunshine' by Matisyahu

Want to see the pictures of that day?
Just click here! Northland - Day 2 - Sandboarding + 90 Mille Beach + Cape Reinga Lighthouse

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