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The Shire

There and back again...

Today (07/06) was a Lord of the Rings fan's day! Yes! Finally, after all this time here I went to 'The Shire' or, as is known here, Hobbiton.

Hobbiton is the set of the movies Lord Of the Rings and Hobbit, directed by Peter Jackson and story (written) by Sir J. R. R. Tolkien, the creative mind behind the Middle Earth.

I would start saying that I recommend all the fans of the movies to visit this place, here on my blog you are going to find some descriptions and curiosities, but I guarantee, there is nothing compared to actually be there! So, with that said. Let us start!

The opportunity to go to The Shire (Hobbiton) came last week when a friend of mine Ewerton, also from CSF said that he wanted to visit one more time and invited me. At the same night, me, him and another friend of his Gustavo (also CSF) bought the tour by Kiwiana company. Today (Sunday) was the one scheduled for the depart, we were going straight to Hobbiton and then visit Hamilton Gardens on the way back to Auckland.

Inside the bus, with us, despite Campbel, the bus driver, there were also another two Brasilians, five Germans (3 girls and 2 boys) two Asian girls and one guy that I assumed it was from Angola, but in fact I don't know. We chat in the bus, spent time playing a cards game but it didn't take too much time and we had reached our destiny, Hobbiton.

The Scenario remind you exactly how it is the movie. Firsts facts: Almost everything there is real, 90% to be precise, only 10% is fake, in more advance I will tell some things that are fake.

It is nice to do the guide tour, and while you are walking through The Shire you are presented with lots of information that I, for instance, did not know. Things about, how did they made the scenes or curiosities.

What I can remember:

- In fact, Hobbiton is the movie set from the Hobbit movie, almost everything from the Lord of the Rings were demolished after the film and rebuild for the new one.

- Bilbo in the Hobbit movie does not quite make a single run from his door to the exit, he actually runs in lots of places in The Shire to appear that the scenario is bigger than it looks, once there.

- Gandalf scenes mostly happened in the 40-50% size scale Hobbit's houses, so he could look taller.

- Gandalf and Bilbo in the Hobbit movie are not actually smoking pot looking at the sunset, in fact, they are looking at the sunrise, which means that, since they were established away from The Shire, the actors woke around 3am just to go to the set and make the scene, seven times!

- Peter Jackson is extremely attentive to details, he brought cows from Europe just to made the movie and on the roof of Bilbo and Frodo's house there is a tree (fake!) where college students had to paint all the leafs one more time because it hadn't the right shade of green!

- All the Hobbits houses have in front of them a clue of what is the Hobbit family's job. Like fisherman, gardener etc.

- There is two lakes in The Shire, one of them, at first, had a lot of frogs that were relocated since in the footage the actors complained that they could not hear the director's orders due the loud noise of the frogs.

- Sam's and Mary's house is one of the only 100% size scale (real scale) Hobbits' houses there! And their kids appeared in the movie as the  child's 
couple too.

That is most from what I could get and remember. Also, there is a legend that Peter Jackson was making a helicopter flight over The Shire and because of one tree he asked to stop claiming that he wanted to make a scene there and later on all the Hobbit village was built surrounding that tree, so which tree it could be? Was the same that appears in Bilbo's birthday.

And, of course, I could not miss the chance of making a video there, so check it out below my walk through The Shire and see more photos underneath!


                                                                       in The Shire

From there we went see the beautiful gardens of Hamilton and then back to Auckland. Back to reality! Study for the End-Semester's tests and after that, who knows!


Our trip Continues!

See ya!

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