terça-feira, 19 de maio de 2015

Kaikoura, ocean of the wales!

Hi Everybody! 

Following the same post-type as the last one, here is one more video of my done-trips. This one is in Kaikoura, an amazing city located 1h from Christchurch and close to the coast. The landscape in that region is unbelievable! The beach is surrounded by mountains that on winter became covered with snow giving more beauty to the place.

Here on the right are some photos of Kaikoura on winter (found via Google), just to have an idea:

Want to see my photos of Kaikoura?
Check in this link:

Christchurch + Kaikoura

In that day, I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life, watching wales on the ocean. I always wanted to see a whale in real life (in fact I want to swim with a wale). I though I would be sick because of the constant waves (check on video!), but it work out pretty great! The crew lead us to see dolphins, albatrosses and two wales on that day, they said it was a lucky one.

Well, with no more prolonging see the video of my experience in Kaikoura!

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