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University of Auckland

 I decided to save some time and talk about my University here in New Zealand since I intent to spend a lot of time of this program connected to it.

Here, in Auckland, I'm studying in one of the prestigious universities of New Zealand, in fact, even of the world! Look it out!
QS World University Ranking - UoA: 92!

The 'motto' of the University is 'Hard work and Hability' translated from the latim, and I have to say it really is!

There are some differences from the University of Auckland (and by the way, all the universities of NZ) when compared to some of the universities of Brazil, including mine UFES.

For start, here the infrastructure receive much more attention! Is unbelievable the amount of Laboratories, filled with computers and study places, that are sometimes reserved or another times enormous. The entire campus has sophisticated buildings. Some on the other hand preserve the architecture of previous times and are icons of the University, like the Clock Tower.

Economic Sciences Building

Clock Tower

Clock Tower front.

Inside the Clock Tower

All the campus has free wi-fi access to students that just need to enter their UPI (like username) and password. Inside the University you can find from everything! There is a gym, coffee shops, market, hospital, whatever you need. Every start of semester there is a week where is presented the Clubs you can join in, for instance I'm in the football club, but is possible to be part of anything you like, movie club, poetry club, ski club, diving, seriously Clubs is something they have to spare!

The class rooms you may find 3 types. Lectures rooms, that are really huge stages with place to 100 - 200 people. There are small classes, that fit 40 people max. and the last are the Post-grads classes, that usually fit from 10 to 20 people. 

Type of class for 40-60 people

Another thing that is entirely different from Brazil, is that here you actually create your own curriculum. Instead of Graduate in some job major, like Environmental Engineering or Law, here you can choose from  these topics the courses you intent to take, and in the end you need to have a total of 'X' credits plus some published paper I presume. 

The University also incentive their students to study and provide tools that would be a significantly development if brought to Brazil. For instance, the three main services provided by the University that students most use are (1) Student Services Online (2) CECIL Platform (3) Student Email

Student Services Online

The Student Services Online is a simple way of access to students for their classes of the day, courses enrolled, and others things provided by the University. There is no better way to control your academic life.

Example of courses that one can choose to study.

CECIL is one of the greatest tools I've seen in the academics. Is a platform where professors post the Announcements of the course, Slides presentations, Lectures recordings, Previous tests, Outline, Assignments all into this system that is constantly updated. There is no better way to organize your studies if not via CECIL.

Student Email

The Student Email is like any other email, however all the announcements made on CECIL from your courses go directly on your entry mail box. So it is an easy way to be update. Also, its use is strictly to university purposes, there is no spam or advertising. 

Add all these things to the students disposition to study, which is unbelievable around here! Seriously, the study classes and laboratories are always full no matter when you go! Thus, adding all you begin to understand why University of Auckland is on the TOP 100 of the WORLD.

Right now I'm making this post but I have 2 Assignments hamming on my head, and the Tests are about to come too! Another difference here, the courses usually has only 2 texts the Mid-Term and the End-Term Semester Test, and they cover the content of the entire semester believe me, you have only 1 hour to do and with the amount of questions is a hard task. Just to have an idea, before the End-Semester test the UoA give the students 1 week free of classes just for study.. that's the level of commitment around here. 

One thing that balance this side of 'focus-stress-study' is the amount of places to rest in the University too, I mean, right next to it you have the Albert Park where most students spend their lunch time enjoying the sun or the trees shadow and the flowers. Inside the University also there are places where is possible to 'have a break' before the next class, and there is always something going on, like the Vegetarian Food day on Thursdays or the Poetry Slam today. Everyone here present a really easy-going and friendly behavior so it is easy to make friends and talk to people.

*Detail is that the photos above were taken before the classes started! Otherwise, it would have more movement for sure!

So that is life for now, studies and breaks! Hope to make another post soon!


Our trip continues!

See ya!

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