domingo, 25 de janeiro de 2015

Auckland: 175 Years!

I think that I should talk more about Auckland, the city that I am. For instance, yesterday (25/01) Auckland has completed 175 years old! Although seems much, for a city she is actually quiet young.

Almost 31% of the New Zealand population lives here in Auckland. The quality of life here is always between the top cities of the world, as long with other characteristics. Besides being beautiful, Auckland is an important economical central to New Zealand and can be expansive in some aspects.

Well.. yesterday, as I said, was the anniversary of Auckland. I left my apartment at night to go to the Pier and watch the fireworks and attractions of the city event that took the hole weekend. A nice day where me, Inacio, Artur and Anna also said good bye to one friend of ours, Bia.

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