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Field Trip: Motutapu Island


Dear readers, I'm sorry I've been absent on this blog for a while. I'm on the last months here in New Zealand, 2-to-go! Because of that, I've being more busy than usual, specially with University matters.

Well, since I talked about University.. why not share with you my Field Trip to Motutapu Island?

This Saturday I went to Motutapu Island, which is close to Auckland city. It is located right behind the Rangitoto volcano, nice place to rest and escape for a weekend, however I wasn't there to relax, I went for a research.

Our objective was to analyse and observe the restoration process in the island. For that, we took measurements of 4 different sites, using the same method in each one. First, using the tracks that are marked, we surround the island searching for the site, once found it we went inside the woods, bush and everything on the way.


  1. Walk 15m in a previously determined direction
  2. Mark the spot
  3. Measure and identify the closest trees to the spot (Diameter, Species, Distance)
  4. Repeat (4x)

Team 3!

The island itself has quite good sight views, cows and birds. In addition, it was great to escape the city for a while, where I know all my troubles are.
Our overnight was in the Motutapu Island camp, where we had also dinner and games and enjoyed the time getting to know better each other. We spent the second day doing the same as the first, with some pauses that made me really enjoy the place, and on Sunday after 15h we went back to Auckland exhausted.

This was my field trip. I know I haven't quite describe it perfectly or in more details, but is not th time for that now, now is time to rest. So,

Our trip continues,

See ya!

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