domingo, 26 de julho de 2015

Snowboarding in Turoa SkiField

I had one of the most incredible weekends of my life on this 25-26 of July.


Because I went to Tongariro National Park again to do one of the sports that I've always dreamed about it and for sure wanted to do it here. Since in Brazil we don't have mountains covered in snow and specially Ski Fields like here in New Zealand this could be a one-time in life experience for me, and believe it, those are the best!

Everything for the trip was arranged in the last hour, as it say. We got the car on Friday (Jucy Rental Cars), and the equipment (Snow Centre - Auckland) as well as the hostel accommodation (Ski Haus - Tonagariro National Village).

And with everything rented we got on the road at 4am towards Turoa Ski Field, which is located in Mt. Ruapehu close to Okahune village. The first problem in our trip (besides fitting the snowboards in the rack) happened when after using GPS to guide us, all the 3 cell phones ran out of batteries, so we were unable to communicate with the other car except for brief moments where for a miracle my cell phone worked. But we had decided before living Auckland to go straight to Turoa mountain, where the conditions and snow were better, to enjoy for a longer period the sport.

We were divided into 2 cars, as I said, and ours was the last one to actually get there. But once we arrived, we putted our snow clothes on, got our snowboarding and went to the Ski Field. Turoa is a beautiful place, and not only young people go there but also people of every ages, from 6 to 60, also families, couples, famous.. it is awesome!

Me  and Leo, a friend from CSF that is also from Vitoria -ES (Photo by GoPro Hero 3)
We bought a Half-day pass since we've got almost at midday and while we were not able to go up on the ski fields I took the opportunity to practice on the base of the mountain where I discovered that snowboarding is entirely different from surfing and skateboarding. Posture is important like in all of the sports, but ankles are the key for equilibrium on the board and to break, I learned that on the hard way!

There is a Video made by Leo where it shows myself running down the base field and falling at the end - because I didn't known how to break yet, so my only way to stop was to fall - Check it out:

(I'm the second one, with the red jacket - Video by GoPro Hero 3)

After that, I just hydrated (despite the cold and the altitude you actually sweat a lot!) and went to the Beginners Field track, and I have to say... if you are doing this sport for the first time, like I was, just go straight to the gondola without fears! I've learned much more there than that in the base, because the track is so much longer and challenging you can fall and start again over and over as you want/need! It is just a matter of not giving up! At the end of the day I went down the Beginners track 3 times and the Intermediary 1 time (there are at least 3 others for Advanced).

Despite the fact that I felt less and less in each time, still is exhaustive at the end of the day, but at the same time exhilarating and fun!

I haven't got the chance to take many photos because I didn't brought my camera this time, and as I said before, my cell phone was without battery. But that had a good side, as I said before in Medo de perder memorias, medo de me perder em memorias it allowed me to have a fully memorable experience without worrying about having the 'best picture' that capture the moment. I remember with more details relying only with my brain not the camera.

After a incredible day we find our way to the Ski Haus hostel in Old School style (Using maps and asking people). Had a beer on the bar, and slept exhausted from the day. In the following morning the weather wasn't good so we went straight to Auckland and I've drove the way back finding out how it is to drive on the Highway and on the different hand for the first time too!

Love it, just love it.

Our Trip Continues

See ya!

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